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In every bespoke creation, Eginstill invites you to experience the artistry of natural materials, the allure of precise detailing, and the embodiment of our unique design philosophy. Each piece is not just furniture; it's an Eginstill masterpiece crafted for a lifetime of beauty and functionality.


Eginstill's closets boast the warmth of birch plywood interiors, offering both strength and refinement. With detailed framework in oak and aged brass handles, our closets are an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship.

Eginstill Keuken

Elevate your bathroom with Eginstill's bespoke furniture, where marble takes center stage. Breccia Santa Marina and Tempest Blue quartzite, paired with meticulous detailing, create bathroom pieces that transcend the ordinary, embodying both beauty and durability.


Our tables, sculpted from natural wood or stones like Silver Roots marble, redefine sophistication. The integration of blue steel frames adds an industrial edge, ensuring each table is a statement piece reflecting Eginstill's commitment to using the finest materials.

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Eginstill creates luxurious and hand-built bespoke kitchens tailored to your exact specifications. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you realise your dream kitchen with only the finest materials and finishes. Visit our showroom to experience the Eginstill difference.

Eginstill Keuken

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