About this project

In this design we created a fresh, urban and powerful look adding a few traditional twists. Especially for this relatively narrow traditional Dutch canal house, we designed a kitchen island that also serves as dinner table to save space.

The island is a ten feet long frame made from robust dark steel. On top of it lays an Arabescato marble tabletop, which includes a wooden chopping board made from light olive wood. The long island accentuates the space beautifully and provides room for eight guests to dine.

The whole kitchen, including the cabinets, is created of powder coated dark blue steel. To make a contrast with the soft equal feeling of the cabinets we used more rugged steel for the back wall. On the back wall we attached four magnetic shelves so the kitchen owner can easily create different looks. For the countertop we used the same light Arabescato marble. The gas burners from PITT Cooking are fitted directly into the countertop to break the lines of the material as little as possible.

To make the kitchen a little less industrial and a bit more traditional, we gave the kitchen cabinets narrow handles for a more elegant feeling. The kitchen has a wonderfully strong but surprisingly fresh look, perfect for a young entrepreneur.