Eginstill is a collective of craftsmen that operates under the creative direction of Frans Pahlplatz. Every project is managed by one of our dedicated project managers and executed in our own workshop. We personally take care of every step in the process; from sketching the very first idea to crafting even the tiniest detail.

We don’t make kitchens.

We make room for life. For people. Preferably for you – and for all the things you find important in life. Every project we undertake is just as unique as you are, and is always an interpretation of your personality and character.

We are a small, talented and slightly obsessed team.

We have a taste for the timeless and like to construct things so that they’ll outlast a lifetime. We are always looking for the right balance between sustainability and aesthetics – which prove to go hand in hand. What we also find important is that we do all of this in an intelligent way. We source sustainable materials only and minimize our waste in every step of the process.

We strictly use sustainably sourced natural materials.


We strictly use sustainably sourced natural materials. This is why we’re convinced steel enthusiasts. Steel is beautiful, light, incredibly durable and endlessly recyclable. The wood we use comes from a sustainably managed forest and is processed by a family-owned factory in Finland.

Our workshop

There are few things you can imagine that can’t be built in our workshop. There’s no limit to the constructional puzzles our passionate people can piece together. Our team of experienced craftsmen consists of the finest within their fields of expertise. Whether it’s marble carving, woodworking or stone cutting – they know the drill.

If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the time. Please contact us to schedule a cup of coffee.


Amstelveenseweg 39
1054 MC Amsterdam

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Opening Hours

Weekdays: 9h – 6h
Saturday: 11h – 5h

Thursday 30-5

Public holidays: by appointment