About this project

The kitchen is the real heart and soul of many homes. To make sure every guest or family member feels comfortable and invited we’ve chosen to use warm and natural colors for the entire design plan.

We’ve made this kitchen a cozy and inviting space, where the dining table’s directly next to the kitchen island. This placement makes sure the chef is always connected to his guests, friends or family. The ten person dining table consists of a steel frame and a vintage oak table top giving it a nice blend between a natural and industrial feel.

The kitchen is much more than just a kitchen. It is a living space. Thus it can be used for a quick breakfast, a cup of coffee, an evening entertaining friends over dinner, or just a lazy Sunday brunch together with your partner.

A nice small detail in the design is the casing of the the extractor hood, it has the same finish as was used on the kitchen cabinets, light green powder coated steel.

The kitchen is equipped with the best Neff appliances such as a fitted refrigerator, freezer, combi steam oven and a Neff gas hob. The kitchen island is also made of powder coated steel and on top of this lays an all white Arabescato marble countertop. The countertop includes our signature Eginstill wooden chopping board made from vintage oak.